The Cedars Open Studios will be open from Noon - 6 pm

The festival provides a platform for locally recognized visual artists, many of whom live in the Cedars neighborhood and in the 100 year old South Side on Lamar building. The 11th Annual Cedars Open Studios, featuring tours of local artists’ studios and lofts, takes place in tandem with the Lamar Street Festival for its inaugural year. Maps of studio locations and artist profiles are coming soon.


Lamar Street Festival and Cedars Open Studios Maps For Download


Artist Rick Maxwell

Artist Suzy Moritz


Bike Valet

Richardson Bike Mart will be providing bike valet and free bike rentals for the day. Festival guests may cycle to the event and park for free. Located at the Belleview Street Festival Entrance the bike valet will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Bikes remain in a secure area where valets wipe down bikes and check tires before locking them up. For more information on Bike Mart, please visit their website.



Dallas Pedicabs

Guests of the Lamar Street Festival will be able to enjoy for hire pedicabs throughout the day. Our mission is to provide fun transportation for the guests, deter drinking and driving plus present a pleasant experience to those visiting the Cedars Open Studios. For more information, please visit the Dallas Pedicab website.