Theo Ponchaveli

Discipline: Painting
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Artist Statement:

Theo Ponchaveli is a self taught artist and visionary with no formal training. He began oil painting in 2006 and has stunned the world while becoming a house-hold name in the very building that this festival is celebrating. In 2011 Lay’s and Doritos brands hosted a nation wide art contest in which over 300 artist submitted work and after more than 50,000 votes, Ponchaveli was declared the Grand Prize winner… HE DID IT AGAIN!!! Winning 1st place in the same nation wide art contest the next time he entered in 2013. Along with his 3,200 square foot mural at the South Side Studios and custom murals inside the restrooms of Full Circle Tavern on Lamar, Nike chose Ponchaveli to be the featured artist during the filming of an online commercial. Susan G. Komen’s Foundation also honored him for his oil painting that is hanging up in their Dallas Headquarters. Ponchaveli is more than an artist; he is a “Modern Day Great” whose life and creations, like the South Side on Lamar building, will continue to be celebrated a hundred years from now.