Mike Sherman

Discipline: Photography
Email: mikesherman@mikeshermanphotography.com
Web Site: http://www,mikeshermanphotography.com

Artist Statement:

I search for beautiful creations by man and nature. Capturing and presenting these creations using fine art digital photography is my passion. I have always wanted to do the entire process from taking the image to processing the film to printing the final photograph. With the advent of high quality digital photography I can do it all. Unlike a traditional artist I can not create the image, I can only discover beauty that is already there. My mission is to capture it artistically, using light, composition, digital developing and advanced printing techniques to present the beauty with impact. My subjects range from landscapes to vernacular architecture, from flora to wildlife, from old cars to old buildings. I particularly see beauty in southwest scenes, both nature’s and man’s. I love Spanish and Native American architecture both contemporary and ancient.

All of my work is digitally photographed, digitally developed, printed using museum archival paper and inks. I do all of the work myself.