Juan Felipe Barreneche and Daniel Schemel

Discipline: Mixed Media
Email: d3f@mistura.com
Web Site: http://www.mistura.com

Artist Statement:

Founders and creative visionaries, Juan Felipe Barreneche and Daniel Schemel are pioneers in collaborating and harmonizing the methodology between Mother Nature and the mastery of watch making.
Combining their innovative spirit and environmental consciousness to the clockwork of life, the timepiece of opulent precision was born; Mistura.
Their inventive prophecy was inspired by an unspoken synopsis and collaborative union between ecological preservation and unparalleled style that impacts a breadth of culture.
Fueling their passion of creating hand crafted watches and working with natural processes encompassing exotic woods, leathers, and recyclable materials. The Mistura legacy continues to redefine the public’s persona of “eco-friendly” sophistication.