Artist: Jaime Rice

Discipline: Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

I paint landscapes across time, space, and eventuality. I play at omniscience through layered images as I rail against the necessity of limited perspective. I aim to create reflections.
In this collection, titled, “You Are Here,” I paint to mirror the way I believe the mind would look if it could be seen. The foreground, in black and white, represents conscious thought of the willful mind; a clear, dominant statement, bold and easily perceived. The empty space around the thought has been filled. In the background, the void of unconscious mind is iconographically layered to bursting, full of information, archetype, memory and movement. The combination is how I envision a complete thought. 
Each painting contains a single point, marked “You are here” to remind the viewer: Where you are, reading this, is exactly where you are. Here. When you leave this building, or car or meadow, you will still be here.