Erin Curry

Discipline: Mixed Media
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Artist Statement:

When I touch Micron Ink pen to watercolor paper, a sense of euphoria washes over me. I am transported to a world of straight, hard lines and well placed tiny dots. I see my vision in black and white floating in a chaotic, colorful, and sliced context. I want to create a world in which the impossible is possible and ethereal ideas are visualized through pen work.
My work is inspired by my love of all things biological from the microscopic diatoms to the towering and massive giraffes of the Savannah. I hope to capture their true form by defining their bodies with sharp edges and visualizing texture with a form of stippling. My images cannot be contained on two dimensional paper. They need to be elevated. With the assistance of my trusty X-Acto, I hand-cut these abstractions and push a most feared object through the rigid paper. With an almost phobia like hatred for my tools, I have come to depend on needles for the 3-Dimensional effect that brings my art to life. With the needles lifting the pieces of watercolor paper above the flat plane, I am free to discover their milieu. Sometimes a simple stark white setting is appropriate for these dark and light contrasts but splashes of color sometimes find themselves exploding into the landscape.
My current work is growing in motif. I have plunged into non biological subject matter like vintage guitars and headphones as well as terrifying but beautiful sea creatures. The more I open my eyes, the more subject matter seems to gravitate to the paper. My style cannot be defined by any one subject matter. All things can be exposed by my ink pens. Everyday objects are changed into my 3-Dimensional abstracts, a personal testament to the influence of my architect/graphic designer father. Each piece is something I can visualize in my setting. Most are biological oriented but some are just everyday sections of life. My joy is to create something arresting and to bring to life art that intrigues the eye and moves the heart.