Daniel Henigman

Discipline: Mixed Media
Email: dan@henigmanart.com
 Web Site: http://www.henigmanart.com

Artist Statement

We are a Sibling creative team, with over 40 years of combined experience . We come from a family of artists so we feel we came by our talent divinely and genetically. Being raised in Europe and South America helped give us our unique and worldly approach to all things creative. We spent many years apart and each carved out our own niche in the art world on opposite coasts. We finally decided to join forces in 1996 and combine our talents. We realized that together, there were no limits to what we could do creatively. We like to call it “ Sibling Artistry “We take on each new project with child like enthusiasm.
We do what we do because it brings us JOY !!!”
Our clients are as diverse as our creativity: museums, resorts, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, theme parks, entertainment centers, doctors offices, retail stores, television, large events, celebrities as well as residential homes…We work with all budgets with equal enthusiasm. We understand how to work with all types of budgets and know how to adapt and even aid in keeping things within the clients budget. We literally have and will “paint anything on anything with anything !“