Carolyn Collins

Discipline: Mixed Media and Photography


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Artist Statement:

I am completely self-taught in photography, which has allowed my art to evolve independently. Drawn to images best described as the border between sleep and wakefulness, I find order in the world of chaos and record it without disturbing its natural environs in hopes that the viewer will experience that profound presence of simply being. It is the ethereal bridge I seek to capture… between seeing what exists and realizing what begs to be seen. Ultimately my photos speak to that part of our soul that questions, yet, expects no answer but feeling.

I still shoot using ambient lighting, manual focus and viewfinder only (no peeking to see if I got the shot I wanted) because I love the thrill of risk, the element of surprise… it’s an incredible feeling when I do capture the very essence of the moment with that single shot. I also maintain full control of the printing process, ensuring that the image produced is precisely the image I photographed. Only my abstract works involve any manipulation beyond reality. All of my images are printed on archival matte fine art paper with archival pigment color inks.

“I am a light chaser. The camera has become my clearest voice. Visions, realities and truths are revealed as I dance behind the lens.”