Amy Huff

Discipline: Jewelry

Artist Statement:

I have loved jewelry since I was a little girl digging through my Grandmother’s jewelry boxes and drawers. She kept all of her jewelry in little individual boxes so each was a treasure whether it was a plastic pin or a string of pearls. As I got older, I discovered Victorian Mourning jewelry and was hooked on creating my own pieces.

I create mixed media and collage pieces used in soldered charms. I also create new pieces using vintage beads, metal pieces, clasps or whatever I can find to incorporate into a piece. I started with soldered pieces creating mixed media and collage art either used directly for the piece and used under glass or printed on heavy weight paper and then added under the glass and soldered with an attached jump ring for hanging.

Most of my work has been commission based for specific pieces using family photos or using family jewelry into new pieces for wedding jewelry, gifts and for a few piece modern mourning pieces to remember lost loved ones.